Sequel Pro keyboard shortcut change

Changing keyboard shortcut in Sequel Pro is very much possible in Mac. My major use case is to “Save Query” & i use it a lot. I generally create separate files for different Databases. My fingers are used to press Command+S(⌘+S) to save the ongoing work, but doesn’t work for Sequel Pro by default. But […]

Redis Sentinel or High Availability of Redis

Redis Sentinel: Redis Sentinel is designed to monitor Redis Instance. It can automatically switch your master if it goes down or having some issue. Hence it will reduce the time for manual issue identification and switch. That will give us high availability,  that is why some people call it HA for Redis. As per Redis […]

Redis master slave setup on single machine

What is Redis Master Slave? Redis Master Slave setup is same as any other Master Slave setup. It allows you to maintain multiple copies of same data automatically. That will serve the purpose of backup and scaling. You can use Redis Slave to serve the request the reading requests and hence your master load decreases. […]